Its sunday

What a morning already raining its the weekend supposed ro be nice like friday had been.  Will be making a set of cards today to sell love making new sets. Now if I could only get pictures on here I’d be happy. 

I’m using my huge stencils today and gold foil them should be interesting and I will be trying to clean my studio I said try. I hope everyone has a great day today.✂✂✂✂✂✂


Nothing is working

My wordpress is not working this morning it’s being a diva.

I want to put in pictures it won’t let me I’m putting more cards and

Videos up and it won’t let me silly internetI’m going out and eat worms

OH I can’t it’s freezing out silly me


I can’t write anything this morning the wordpress is giving me a hard time, I also wanted to put some pictures up and that isn’t working either maybe I should go back to sleep.

I’m learning new ways to cut all my cardstock at once rather then go to staples and have them do it. Do you know it’s 23 degrees in lovely michigan. Bbbrrrrrrr what happened to spring.