Good morning Monday

Oh no it’s supposed to snow today again!!!

I was In the middle of making cards yesterday and my cat spied my betta oh boy.

Not sure how to take care of that.

Anyone out there with fish and cats help lol.

As I get older I wear less and less makeup thank goodness I come from good stock we age well.

My hair I still like grey and blonde pretty highlights I think

Well folks have a great day put a smile on your face and enjoy.


Sunday morning

It’s cooold outside. I’m reading my paper, after feeding my cat my betta and my Venus flytrap.

My betta is new, but a gorgeous green, and he has a large tank to play in now. What a calming effect.

I’m getting ready to make some new cards but I will have to find more room to spread out for my new toys.

I will get back with you later with pictures of my lovely cards have a joyous day.


Hot is all I can say

I’m down here where it’s hot and humid how can people live like this oh well.

My dad is doing great and I love this condo so huge my condo would fit in there dining room lol.  We went to dinner last night on the ocean and watched the ships come and go that is at night the most awesome sight.

We went out for breakfast and drove around I checked on jobs while I was down here just to see if there were any not yet they say oh well.  I’m going to go through all my pictures and videos and send home god I was cute when I was little always had a bonnet on my head that’s probably why I love hats.  Tomorrow I will head to the West coast and say hi to everyone if there sober it being a holiday.

Dad has a lot of energy for 97 I’m happy about that. Well I’m off by till later.


Hello there

Well it’s monday and yesterday was gorgeous. Today should be nice also I’m learning to download my pictures and videos so hopefully we will have that working I hope.

Carmela is getting ready for a picture contest down in Florida so trying to get a cat to look cute when you want them too is a different story.  I have pictures of her but I need something unique.

I’ve been making wedding cards galore for customers and I will accidentally do something else and it’s so pretty another kind of card but still nice.

I’m trying to find electric hookups that will work on my computers, iPhone and Android but either the connects on the item is getting worn or I have a bad item.

Well folks I’m done and will see you tomorrow let’s hope I get my videos going here tata


I’ve been slow

Oh boy I’ve been slow this week had to work more hours and try to learn some new things on card making.  One or two nice days I mean sunshine it’s rare in Michigan.

I’m getting better and better I can see it after I do my cards I take pictures and put them in a notebook and I look back at my first ones and giggle.

I’m in the process of getting another vehicle a mini van cheap of course my car is on its last legs or tires.  I can’t drive anywhere the wheel squeaks when I turn it, can’t fix it so bye bye I’m donating it to NPR.

Will get some cards to show you.


What it’s only tuesday

I thought it was thursday already darn. I’m in the middle of trying out stencils for a new wedding card I’m trying to come up with ideas but nothing.

It’s hard to figure people do you want elegant or funny or just a card. I’ll get there though I always do. So what is everyone up to today, it’s 52 right now but feels really cold. No sun again. My cat is so funny bought her a new toy and she just looks at it it has treats in it but no just look at it.

So I’m off to the studio before work see you tomorrow.


Business cards

Oh boy I’ve been learning how to make my own business cards I love it yahhhhh. I’ve been having so much fun I thought why buy them when I’m always changing them.

So I got a cool machine that makes them one at a time. Perfect for me.

Now if I could figure out how to put pictures and videos on here I would be happy. Help