Sunday Dreary

I’ve been having so much fun I’ve been using plaster of paris on my embossing folder. So cool it’s touch and go. Some are to thin I’m going to put a string on the back and you can hang them on your door or tree. What fun.

I have been busy getting more snippets sewn for my journals. I had an episode I call it. Wednesday my heart gave a thud and I grabbed a chair real fast and sat down. I was out of it all day. Whooo that is scarey. Now I’m more careful in the house. But I feel fine now strange.

I went out a couple of days and collected leaves and branches for decorating. Gorgeous colors. It’s been snowing in the UP so we will see it soon. Love snow 🌨️❄️.

If anyone wants snippets or pockets or paper ephemera let me know and I can sell them now. So give me your email and we will go from there have a great day. Wash your flippers and wear a mask.

Wednesday Dreary

Oh what a mess my art room is. I need a helper for sure. Just to help straighten things out like Marie Kondo. Oh but I’m having fun with my journals and sewing ephemera for sale.

I’m making more plaster pots but need to make them prettier. But they look good all roughed up. I’m looking at all the Prime sales and nothing I need or want. No great sales on arts and crafts.

So the weather is getting worse and I’m ready I think. Bring on the snow I’m ready. Snow ❄️❄️ 🌨️ bring it on. I never got my water faucets fixed out side which figures where I live it’s getting worse. So on that note I’m going back to work and I might start selling my crafts on eBay. So see you Sunday and wash your flippers and wear a mask.

Sunday Blues

Oh as you can see my fall walks were gorgeous. I love walking around my place so fallish, is that a word. I picked up acorns and hats and fall leaves which are drying now. A pretty pine cone also.

I took pictures of my Thanksgiving cactus 🌵. I have to fertilize everyone so I have to get to it. I dug up my basil plants and there doing really well so far. Outstanding for my outdoor plants garlic, ginger, and horseradish.

I have been somewhat busy with my journals and making Christmas 🎄 items for people to buy. I make cutouts of lovely things and sell them in small bags. You can use them for cards journals anything. $5.00 for a bag of ephemera small. Text me and I’ll send you a list of prices and lovelies.

The weather has been wonderful to walk, wax my car I have to get a new tire I have one that keeps going flat. Well if you want any goodies let me know will be putting it on Twitter and Instagram. So have a great week and see you Wednesday wash your flippers and wear a mask.

Wednesday lovely

Oh boy it is gorgeous outside. I had all the windows open to let fresh air in but the wind was blowing so badly I had to close half of them. Sunny and warm for Michigan.

I’ve been making lots of ephemera coffee stained to sell paper of my designs. Selling I hope all of them.

I’m so busy making book cloth for my journals it’s fun. I have tons of fabric might as well use it. I have the Japanese paper to use as backing so glue away and cover with fabric. I have lots of boards for book covers so this will be new for me.

I have pictures of the furbabies and there doing great. Lots of eating, lots of cat naps. I think once they are gone I’m done for awhile with animals. We will see.

I brought everyone of my plants in so there on my kitchen table with a grow light. So they should be healthy in a few days. I will fertilize everyone and go from there. I’m staying busy sewing snippets for journals I’m actually selling some of them on Instagram and Twitter. So everyone take care of yourself and wash your flippers and wear your mask.

Sunday Dreary

I have 🐝 been so busy with my pockets that I’m selling. Pocket for your journals. They are so pretty and there only 2 for $5.00.

I can’t wait to make more. I’m also making ephemera papers for your journals. Small pack for $5.00. Lots of goodies. Just send info to my PayPal account and send your address and off they go.

My kitties are doing great 😌 yelling and running around at Night at night. The weather is terrible outside. Charly Barly is on his heating pad. Toy is on the bed with his electric blanket on.

Well I’m going back to my work so let me know if you want some delicious journal pockets. I’ll whip some up for you. I have been putting on them on Instagram so check out the pictures. Bye now wash your flippers and wear your mask.

Wednesday Rainy Day

What a day chilly and windy. I’m sewing merrily along with different stitches some are so beautiful. I’m making pockets for my journals. Just stunning I have to admit.

I’m watching the complete series of Inspector Morse just lovely. Those were great mysteries all british mysteries are great. I have so many series from PBS and BBC. Terrific since I don’t have tv.

All my plants are in the garage now getting so chilly don’t want to lose them. I’m hoping the weather will be good soon I want to collect more acorns with hats…all my mailbox mail came so did my ballot to vote. I’m excited.

So I will be off and check my backyard plants Ginger, Horseradish, Garlic. All doing well, putting in wooden boxes to plant for spring with climbing rails for hanging plants. So let me go back to being busy. Wash your flippers wear your mask.

All, my goodness I’m busy making notepads and making journals and redoing my gardens. The trees are getting tinged with reds and yellows. I’ve been collecting acorns with hats so I can make little people..

It’s so much fun walking in the fall so breezy and cool I’m so busy because I get happier as it’s colder outside. I’m making all kinds of things. I’m making light switches out of plaster to color to match people’s houses it’s fun I’m experimenting on my house first.

The weather changes tonight not for the good either. Toy is doing a little better but getting older and older poor little man. Charly Barly is still a brat. I think I’m going out for a walk now to beautiful to pass up. So wash your flippers and wear a mask.

Gorgeous Wednesday

I am so busy painting my plaster molds in water colors. I’m making lots more molds it’s fasinating how much fun this is.

I had a new garden put in up front going to make boxes in the back for veggies.. already planting for winter, yum. I’m stenciling up a storm on my journals. Making all kinds of pockets with glue and fabric and then I emboss them just gorgeous. The weather is wonderful in beautiful Michigan.

Well I’m going to busy to stop so wash your flippers and wear your mask.

Glorious Sunday

I have been so busy doing plaster molds of all kinds and shapes. I also have been coffee dying paper. Plus marbeling it’s so pretty. I’m ordering more plaster in the giant size since 4 lbs isn’t doing it.

I made a chicken onion potato dinner so good I swear I make the best gravy. I have just enough oil and then I put pepper and salt keep stirring with some flour and then I put milk in and stir away till thick.

I’ll be so glad to have my own goat for milk I miss cheese and my own butter. I miss fresh eggs to. I’ll keep waiting I’ll get that property yet.

It’s a gorgeous day today a little nippy especially this morning. But I really get things done. I got my humidifier on and ready to go. I really need it in winter especially my orchids.

All my plants are in the garage because before I put them in the house I wait for the crawly bugs to get out of the plants. Don’t want crawly bugs. Both cats seem to be doing well but Toy is getting older and older and looking it. I just love his furry little face.

So I’m going to get back to work and make some more journals with my papers. Take care wash your flippers and wear a mask. See you Wednesday.

Cool Wednesday

I’m going crazy doing plaster molds of all kinds. Now if I was really good at painting.  I’m doing in-house flower pots so much fun to do. Has anyone done there own plaster molds.

I finally cleaned out my summer garden and I’m going to plant cover crop this year. To many weeds not enough worms. Just a few. I’m going to get a shovel trying to get rid of my roses they don’t bloom anyway so out you go.

I tried to etch in glass I’m doing something wrong I don’t know it’s just not etching. Someone can maybe tell me what I’m doing wrong. I think maybe my stencil is to big???

My kitties are doing better there so funny. I’ve not had a baby kitty in forever so these guys are old and don’t play much. But they still make me laugh.

I have my car in the garage now it fit perfectly and it’s nice and neat in there. I have to get to Saline and get an oil change and tires checked. I might clean my car now it’s in the garage.

I had to put my storm windows in myself I hate those windows you can’t get them on right. So I taped them on and hope for the best. No one in maintenance is doing anything for me anymore. I still have to pay rent but nothing gets done. Well I’m still looking for property so wish me luck.