Sunday Windy

It is so windy outside I might end up in Kansas. I’ve been making snippets for my journal. I have two journals done, I’m so happy.

It’s good to keep working on them, keeps you busy and sane in covid19 time. I made my first real book cover so I will have to fill it up with signatures soon.

I found all my Christmas ribbons and making pockets with them. They are so pretty. One time I made a lot of ribbons with my little machine to make ribbons with. I’m still binge watching Bones.

Toy is finally eating I got him a can of watered chicken breast and he’s eating it all yah. So I ordered more.

I went walking yesterday and it was chilly but always feels better afterwards. Not collecting anything now. I have been watercoloring my ornaments from the embossing folders. So pretty as you can see above.

Each part of my condo has a place for my arts and crafts. Living room painting and coloring. My room sewing clothes and journal things. Lots of sewing of pockets for journals. The actual a@c room full of cutting toys and just everything. I use my kitchen for my sizzix big shot for all dies.

So I’m busy every where in this home. So see you guys Wednesday wash your flippers and wear a mask.

Sunday Walks

  • What a gorgeous day forMichigan.
  • We walked over 4 miles beautiful and lots of people out and about.
  • I enjoyed the walk, feels good and I have been walking up to two times a day.
  • Worked on my journals and made prints of my collection of acorns and leaves beautiful ephemera. Fall is my favorite time of the year the trees.
  • We brought her dog 🐶 Sadie so cute.
  • My cats stay home and sleep.
  • I made Navajo fry bread today, was delicious. I don’t cook as much now just not that interested. I have so many hobbies I keep busy doing them.
  • I made a list of all the things I want done to my condo before winter ❄️ comes knocking.
  • I made a new journal cover it’s old paper covered boards now I will finish glueing it and put a center in it to combine front and back love doing this, but still learning bookbinding.
  • Ok folks see you Wednesday wash your flippers and wear a mask.

Wednesday Gorgeous

What a delicious day. Warm and sunny ☀️ for Michigan. I’m busy getting some rays. Need that vitamin d. While I’m out sunning a bee stung my head I’m not allergic but I guess he thought I was a flower.

I’m also trying to clean up more of my arts and crafts room. I clean one area and go oh here it is and go make something with it . I can’t seem to keep cleaning.

I’m going through my closet and looking at all my Bob Mackie blouses and just drool. They are works of art. Simply stunning. I have always loved his clothes especially when I saw them on Cher.

So I’m going to get my car done Thursday so I can drive it I hope everyone VOTED. What a day. Well I’m going to go now so wash your flippers and wear a mask..

Sunday cold

I have been making tags and pockets with tea stained lace it’s so pretty. I also found some Christmas paper to play with. I used my big Imagine to make all kinds of designs for Christmas paper.

I had a friend over to exchange books and to just chat, was fun. It’s so much fun to talk with someone who actually can talk to you. What I mean is no gossip, no politics, no religion just interesting enjoyable chatting.

I made a beautiful set of cards with envelopes off my Expression machine love that cutter. Will be making more sets of maybe Christmas cards. Those would make a lovely gift.

I’m still looking for fertilizer to put on my plants as they don’t look healthy, that will be a first for me as my plants have always been very healthy. I’m going to make home made fertilizer much better for plants. Mine are mostly orchids. Well I’m going to sign off now and prepare for Wednesday I want to try something new. So wash your flippers and wear a mask

Wednesday Cold

I was making french bread and just love it. The secret to superb french bread is while it is in the oven spray it with water every 15 minutes. That makes it crusty on the outside and soft inside. Plus I have a french bread, long pan. If you want the recipe let me know and will send it to you.

My Thanksgiving cactus is blooming so pretty. It’s doing really well but need to give everyone there epsom salt it makes all my plants healthy and bloom.

My journals are coming along, Should have some for sale soon. I love making them. Especially bookmarks and pockets. I’ve learned to make fabric covers. Staining all my paper with tea and coffee plus I marble my own now. That is gorgeous will be selling in sets soon.

The weather is cold should be snowing Sunday. Our first. Love snow. I’m making lots of kits now that the weather is getting colder great for making things.

Now my Twitter is @jeanneluddeni. My instagram @jeanneluddeni or Gorgeous Green and pinterest #jeanneluddeni is the same.

My address is 123 e main st #2 Milan mi 48160 if u need to buy anything or need a list of my journal and ephemera for sale. Now I’m gone. Wash your flippers and wear your mask.

Wednesday So pretty

I’ve 🐝 been making tags galore. I have these huge sample wallpaper books. I bought back when I had a job, thank goodness I was thinking ahead. I’ve been using them for journal making and lots of tags. I love making bookmarks and tags.

It’s been a gorgeous day today so much sunshine. I’m getting ready to put all my stuff on eBay for selling. Lots ephemera and snippets. All bags are 5.00 for snippets and 6 sheets of ephemera. The sheets sell separately. Should keep me hopping I hope. Etsy is just to expensive for upkeep. I don’t trust craigslist.

I have been making vintage paper buttons and now tiny envelopes. I love to make tiny things. My cat’s are doing great but Toy is slowing down. They eat well but still.

I have been playing on my Cricut Imagine if it works right it is wonderful. But half the time it won’t cut. So I’m going to try all my cutting machines and make more Christmas gifts. So I hope everyone is doing well ☺️. So send me your email address and will sell you some nice journaling ephemera and snippets. So take care wash your flippers and wear your mask.

Sunday Dreary

I’ve been having so much fun I’ve been using plaster of paris on my embossing folder. So cool it’s touch and go. Some are to thin I’m going to put a string on the back and you can hang them on your door or tree. What fun.

I have been busy getting more snippets sewn for my journals. I had an episode I call it. Wednesday my heart gave a thud and I grabbed a chair real fast and sat down. I was out of it all day. Whooo that is scarey. Now I’m more careful in the house. But I feel fine now strange.

I went out a couple of days and collected leaves and branches for decorating. Gorgeous colors. It’s been snowing in the UP so we will see it soon. Love snow 🌨️❄️.

If anyone wants snippets or pockets or paper ephemera let me know and I can sell them now. So give me your email and we will go from there have a great day. Wash your flippers and wear a mask.

Wednesday Dreary

Oh what a mess my art room is. I need a helper for sure. Just to help straighten things out like Marie Kondo. Oh but I’m having fun with my journals and sewing ephemera for sale.

I’m making more plaster pots but need to make them prettier. But they look good all roughed up. I’m looking at all the Prime sales and nothing I need or want. No great sales on arts and crafts.

So the weather is getting worse and I’m ready I think. Bring on the snow I’m ready. Snow ❄️❄️ 🌨️ bring it on. I never got my water faucets fixed out side which figures where I live it’s getting worse. So on that note I’m going back to work and I might start selling my crafts on eBay. So see you Sunday and wash your flippers and wear a mask.

Sunday Blues

Oh as you can see my fall walks were gorgeous. I love walking around my place so fallish, is that a word. I picked up acorns and hats and fall leaves which are drying now. A pretty pine cone also.

I took pictures of my Thanksgiving cactus 🌵. I have to fertilize everyone so I have to get to it. I dug up my basil plants and there doing really well so far. Outstanding for my outdoor plants garlic, ginger, and horseradish.

I have been somewhat busy with my journals and making Christmas 🎄 items for people to buy. I make cutouts of lovely things and sell them in small bags. You can use them for cards journals anything. $5.00 for a bag of ephemera small. Text me and I’ll send you a list of prices and lovelies.

The weather has been wonderful to walk, wax my car I have to get a new tire I have one that keeps going flat. Well if you want any goodies let me know will be putting it on Twitter and Instagram. So have a great week and see you Wednesday wash your flippers and wear a mask.

Wednesday lovely

Oh boy it is gorgeous outside. I had all the windows open to let fresh air in but the wind was blowing so badly I had to close half of them. Sunny and warm for Michigan.

I’ve been making lots of ephemera coffee stained to sell paper of my designs. Selling I hope all of them.

I’m so busy making book cloth for my journals it’s fun. I have tons of fabric might as well use it. I have the Japanese paper to use as backing so glue away and cover with fabric. I have lots of boards for book covers so this will be new for me.

I have pictures of the furbabies and there doing great. Lots of eating, lots of cat naps. I think once they are gone I’m done for awhile with animals. We will see.

I brought everyone of my plants in so there on my kitchen table with a grow light. So they should be healthy in a few days. I will fertilize everyone and go from there. I’m staying busy sewing snippets for journals I’m actually selling some of them on Instagram and Twitter. So everyone take care of yourself and wash your flippers and wear your mask.